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There are three categories of membership in the IAGA: Association, Affiliate and Honorary.

Association: National, state, regional, provincial or district amateur golf associations responsible for administering the USGA or other recognized official national Handicap System and/or entrusted with conducting amateur tournaments that produce the recognized various champions in the area of their jurisdiction. This membership includes all paid staff of the association except part time interns. Only paid staff members are eligible to serve on the board of directors of the Association. As part of the Association membership, in addition to the paid staff or for associations with no paid staff, each association may designate up to two volunteer leaders to be members of the IAGA annually. The board will have the authority to write policies and procedures that define the membership benefits available for use by these designated volunteer leaders in accordance with programming designed for such individuals, i.e., certain education sessions may be best suited for officers of the association while other offerings could be developed for volunteer leaders or for new board members. Volunteer leader members may serve on an Advisory committee but may not serve as directors or officers of the Association.

Affiliate: Affiliate Memberships will be for those companies or organizations that are national or regional in scope and work with the SRGA community in promoting the game and its long term future. This membership would include the following sub-categories: (I.) national organizations (such as WGF, PGA of America, GCSAA, CMAA, NGF, NGCOA, Professional Tours and other similar organizations), (II.) Regional organizations (such as PGA sections, GCSAA, CMAA, and NGCOA chapters, and other similar organizations), and (III.) for profit entities (such as vendors, manufacturers and other similar entities who have a significant portion of their gross revenues derived through the golf industry.) This level of membership will have benefits and access to IAGA programming as established by the board from time to time

Honorary: On occasion the board will recognize association members for their service to the organization and the game. These individuals have had exceptional careers in the golf industry, and their contributions to the IAGA in the past have been paramount to the IAGA's success. No annual dues are required.

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